The Beatles 'Let It Be… Naked' Makes Global Digital Debut On iTunes

The Beatles 'Let It Be… Naked' Makes Global Digital Debut On iTunes


When The Beatles first set out to make Let It Be in 1969, they intended to record an album that would be a return to live performance. No studio effects or overdubbing of voices or instruments would be allowed - just the bare necessities of the band.

Let It Be… Naked is the stripped-down, return-to-live-takes album that The Beatles originally aimed to create, free of vocal and instrumental overdubs or added effects.

Today, Let It Be… Naked makes its debut global digital release, exclusively on iTunes.

Get your copy HERE!

Paul on Let It Be… Naked:

"This is the band, this is us. No frills, no artifice, this is us. What you see is what you get and now in its unadorned form, there it is exactly as we made it, so that is the sort of shining glory of those events that took place then. It’s the music."

"One of the things that occurred to me while I was listening to it is that if you look into Winston Churchill’s old papers, they get browner and they get crinklier but the Beatles’ stuff, it gets shinier and newer with new technology. You suddenly, you’re in a clearer room with the guys and I’m right there with John right opposite me in the new mix you know and I think that’s what helps bring the energy right there. It’s almost scary, you know. You’re actually right there now. If we’d have had today’s technology, then, it would sound like this because that was the noise we made in the studio. It’s not as if we’ve now put everything, all the guitars through digital amps. They’re still through all the nice warm amps that they were through so it’s exactly as it was in the room but with modern technology you can, for instance, take the hiss off, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing because you didn’t have hiss when we played it. And we didn’t all sit around going ssss! You know.

"So it just is more faithful to actually us in the room and I think that’s a very good thing."

For more information on the release, including podcasts and album flickbook, head over to The Beatles' website by clicking HERE!

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