Paul Supports Climate Week

3 March 2014

Climate Week is Britain’s biggest climate change campaign, inspiring a new wave of action to create a sustainable future.

Culminating in a week of activities, it showcases practical solutions from every sector of society. Each year, half a million people attend 3,000 events in Britain’s biggest ever environmental occasion.

Paul is encouraging you to take part in Climate Week:

"Join me in making a meat-free meal on the Monday of Climate Week. Eating more fruit and vegetables and less meat is an easy and enjoyable way to combat climate change."

You can also help accelerate action on climate change by doing one or more of the following:

• Join the Climate Week Energy Switch and transfer your household electricity supply to a green energy supplier, it takes just five minutes: CLICK HERE!

• Sign the Climate Week Declaration that calls on the government to do more to combat climate change, it takes one minute to sign: CLICK HERE!

• Make a Climate Week Cuisine meal from sustainable food. View recipe suggestions, including those from Paul, HERE!

You can read more about Climate Week over at the Meat Free Monday website by clicking HERE!

Let us know how you will participate in the comments below...