Play 'The 7" Singles Box' Name Game

Graphic image saying 'How Many McCartney Singles can you name?'
15 December 2022

With 80 x 7” vinyl singles, totalling over 150 different songs! It’s quite a lot of music to wrap your head around… or is it?

To celebrate the release of The 7" Singles Box we're testing your McCartney knowledge with our brand-new online game! With 80 seconds on the clock, try and name as many Paul McCartney, Wings and The Fireman tracks that are featured in The 7" Singles Box. From chart topping hits to fan favourite B sides, how many will you get in this race against time?

⁠ 'With a Little Luck' you'll 'Say, Say, Say' them all... 'Take it Away'!

Step up to the Challenge HERE!

Are you a Macca Mastermind? Share your score with other fans on social media, tagging @paulmccartney.