Sticking Out of My Back Pocket: Dancing through the Decades

Playlist cover featuring a photo of Paul recording McCartney III at the microphone stand. Text overlayed for 'Sticking Out of My Back Pocket' April 2023

It's that time of year when we 'spring forward', but here at, we're taking a step back... back in time! Can you believe it has been just over 60 years since The Beatles' game-changing, Please Please Mealbum was released? 

To celebrate, we're taking you on a musical adventure through six decades, showing how Paul's music has evolved and even rebranded. From the 'Early Days' with The Beatles to Paul's mullet-sporting '70s with Wings, the power ballad bangers of the '80s, or even 2020’s "Rockdown", there are so many McCartney eras to explore.

Whether you're a die-hard Wings fan or you prefer the NEW-er tunes, turn up the volume and embark on a mesmerizing trip through musical history, as we dance through the decades in the April edition of the ‘Sticking Out of My Back Pocket’ playlist.

⁠Dive deep into Paul's career, from books to knighthoods and world record-breaking moments, with the career timeline. Not sure where to start? Try this Instagram filter to see ‘What Paul McCartney era suits you’.

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