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Paul and his band are busy preparing to get back out on the road in the coming month with two forthcoming ‘One On One’ shows in Sacramento, and two very special performances at the Desert Trip music festival.

Some serious ground has already been covered by Paul and the touring team this year with dates played across Europe and North and South America. As both audience and band begin to get excited again – we find out how and why Paul came up with the name of the tour.

This month’s question comes from Cesar in Peru who asks: “Why did you name the new tour ‘One On One’? Is there a special meaning behind it?”

We spoke with Paul ahead of his forthcoming shows to find out. He answered:

“Thank you for your question, Cesar. When people would talk about going to the ‘Out There’ shows, they said that even though it was a huge stadium, there was an intimate feeling about it. And I thought that was interesting really because with the big screens, we can make it a bit ‘One On One’. It’s like you watching me tell a story. So I was looking for a title that said something about intimacy, or something that summed up that feeling. Then I thought of the expression ‘one on one’ and they just looked like nice words – a good title. So that was it! It was because people had fed back this idea that the show, even though it was giant, somehow managed to communicate an intimate feeling between the audience and me.”

Paul will perform on the 4th and 5th October in Sacramento and the 8th and 15th October at Desert Trip, California.

Do you have plans to see Paul on this next leg of his ‘One On One’ tour? Let us know in the comments below…

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