Exclusive 'Love My Baby' Download

Exclusive 'Love My Baby' Download

This week sees the release of the remastered classic Wings albums Venus and Mars and At The Speed Of Sound, the latest instalments of the GRAMMY award-winning Paul McCartney Archive Collection.

To mark the occasion PaulMcCartney.com has teamed up with Buzzfeed to premiere an exclusive Wings track not featured on either of the new releases and available only through Paul's website. Listen to it below:

Download 'Love My Baby' for free by clicking HERE!

'Love My Baby' was recorded as part of the film 'One Hand Clapping'. Filmed in Studio 2 at Abbey Road, in late summer of 1974, the documentary captures Paul playing numbers from Band on the Run with Wings.

Paul has said of the film: "'One Hand Clapping'. It’s nice to see that one re-surfacing. It was made by a friend of mine, David Litchfield; he produced a little magazine that was funky (Ritz, co-edited with David Bailey). We decided that he would shoot a very simple piece, on video. We would just go into Abbey Road and play basically what we had rehearsed. So we went in there and it was very simply filmed, absolute basic stuff, and I think its charm now is that there’s no pretence. It is what it is. We just called it 'One Hand Clapping', for absolutely no reason."


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